Testimonial Program

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Have you ever recommended a movie or restaurant to someone? I’m sure the answer is yes. But I’m also sure that you did not get compensated for it. With our Testimonial Program, for every testimonial video you make, we will send you a 5% OFF coupon for your next order.

*Coupon can only be used per order. You cannot use 2 or more coupons within the same order.


How it works

Step 1: Create a video and post it on Youtube, Facebook, or Instagram

  • For Facebook & Youtube, videos can not be longer that 5 minutes.
  • Instagram, videos can not be longer that 40 seconds.
  • The title of the video must include “HairShipment.com”
  • Reference our website “www.hairshipment.com” in the video

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Step 2.

Message us below your social media name, link to the video you made, and email address to send your discount to.


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Step 3.

Once we have received and reviewed your video, we will email you your 5% off coupon. (Hint: You can make a testimonial video for every order you place to keep getting 5% OFF on your orders)

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