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Get A Gallon Of The Shiz-Nit For Just (RRP $79.99) $59.99!

The Shiz-Nit is made of really healthy ingredients

This powerful tea has over 150 plus herbs and minerals and will cleanse your body of impurities. Oh and the weight loss! We ♥️ you.

Cleanse your intestines

Removes waste and parasites

Feed your cells

Here’s What Other People are Saying About The Shiz-Nit.

High Quality, Low Price

Where else in the 🌎 can you get over 150+ herbs and mineral in one tea? I don’t think people understand how powerful The Shiz-Nit is.

You could really survive off of one full cup of The Shiz-Nit a day. I will tell you this, I’ve never felt better.

Traci Nichol

Verified Buyer

I Drink It Every Day!

Not only am I losing weight, but I FEEL AMAZING. I can literally feel The Shiz-Nit breaking down the waste inside my intestines.

Also, I consider this a meal replacement. I use this as my dinner and it holds me over until the morning.

Theriot Dubose

Verified Buyer

The Shiz-Nit Is The New Sexy!

It’s true! Make sure you are by a restroom when you drink this tea. OH MY GOD! I didn’t know I had so much bad stuff in my body. Thank God for The Shiz-Nit.

Aryanna Neely

Verified Buyer

Gotta Have The Shiz-Nit

I went one week without The Shiz-Nit and I did not feel the good and free at all. Having all of those herbs and minerals in your body lifts your spirits. I love EHC!

Claudette Foster

Verified Buyer

Absolutely Worth Trying

The best alkaline product on the market. Literally all the great health you need in a gallon of tea.

Barry Belle

Verified Buyer

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